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Are you facing any issues with your Windows computer? We're here to help. Call us now on 1-858-429-6294 (Toll Free) and get connected to a certified expert for Microsoft.

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Get a repair

If you have noticed unsual performance issues or browser redirects call us now and get a Solution right away. Don't Risk your Computer or Network's protection. We have best in class Certified Technicians for your Microsoft PC that can help you get rid of any issues you may have.

Call Now 1-858-429-6294 (Toll Free)

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Fix Slow Windows

Your Windows might be running slow at the moment due to unwanted or junk Installs, Call us now and get your Windows optimised (Call 1-858-429-6294 for US and Canada.)

Repair Browser Errors

Are you getting results that you are searching for ? 82% of our customers Experienced browser redirects and Issues last year 2016. Don't risk you protection ! Call us now and fix your Browser issue.

Complimentary support

Most Microsoft products come with 90 days of complimentary phone support and a one-year limited warranty. Call us now and we'll help check your coverage for your product